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Among the changing moribund forms of living nature, intransient and eternal remain the achievements of processed stone.

In the contemporary world natural stones have numerous applications: facing, pavements, facade elements, accessories and details for the interior etc. BULMARMA PLC is prepared to offer to its clients a wide range of quality natural stone articles for public and private buildings as well as equipment, instruments and services related to the use of marble and granite:
  • standard products and marble and granite slabs
  • limestone and travertine
  • granite facing slabs
  • marble facing slabs
  • flat items with regular or irregular shape: window sills, sanitary boards, bar boards, kitchen boards etc., steps, parapets, vaults, window and door frames, lining of fireplaces and many other details after the clients' design.
  • volume items: columns, banisters, friezes, ledges etc.
  • granite pavement blocks, curb stones etc.
  • diamond segments and discs with diameters from 125 mm to 2500 mm.
  • professional products for maintaining the surface of the stones: polishing paste, glues, detergents, cleaning formulas etc.
  • diamond milling heads, diamond emery discs

  • BULMARMA PLC is a company making dynamic progress. Its main products are the reliable, beautiful and long lasting items made of marble and of granite.

    For years on end BULMARMA PLC has been the indisputable leader among the companies exporting marble and granite items from Bulgaria. We are located in the center of the Balkan peninsula, we are in the vicinity of numerous unique queries and ports. That, and our professional skills in the processing, packing and transportation of stone items and standard products, qualify us as the good partner you need on the Balkans.

  • We can provide you with the results of the laboratory tests for physical and mechanical properties, tests for the radiation of granite, and chemical composition of the materials we offer.
  • The company's factory is located in the Town of Pernik, at a distance of 20 km from Sofia.
  • We work with builders, architects and designers, but of course the final destination of our products are our business partners and private individuals.
  • The new processing, almost fully automated, the new ecological technologies and the performance of our highly qualified staff allow us to continuously expand the range of articles, to improve their quality and to offer the maximum of services related to our main products.
  • Our experience of many years in the work with natural stone items, and the use of modern technologies and scientific approach guarantee the high quality of the tasks completed - from the initial consultation and design to the installment of the products and giving over the completed site.
  • We contribute to the development of Bulgarian economy by augmenting our production capacity, using contemporary equipment and materials. We create new jobs and ensure the continuous training of the personnel.
  • The basic rules in our relations with the business partners are integrity, reliability, efficiency and high professionalism.
  • We feel united by the corporate spirit, the striving for the flourishing of the company and for happy clients.

  • Designing and installment of natural stone items.

    BULMARMA PLC is a leader of long-standing in the complete engineering, including design, manufacturing, installment and maintenance of products, facing and pavements made of marble, granite, limestone, travertine.
    The highly qualified team of designers, civil engineers and technical experts are capable to do:
  • operative taking of dimensions and designing
  • specification of the articles
  • consultations for the choice of stone materials
  • taking on the site the dimensions of constructions, items and products, steps, boards etc.
  • chose the suspending systems, constructions and elements for the installment of facade lining.
  • laying on the site pavements, facing, axes, elevations, levels, steps and so on.
  • efficient installing, jointing with suitable mixtures, making dilatation and expanding joints, cleaning and protection of the pavements and facing installed.
  • Conservation, hydrophobization, treatment with silicon and other cosmetic operations.

  • Executive projects and documentation, certificates for the physical and mechanical properties, chemical composition, tests for the radiation of materials etc.

  • The projects in which we have been involved have been always completed on time and with high quality. We can support this statement with references from our clients.