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BULMARMA PLC is a private stock-holder company incorporated in 1997. The founders of the company are also its managers. They have been in the construction business and in the production of marble and granite since 1980. They are the owners of the companies "Balik Style" Single Owner Co and "Skalex" Ltd, involved in a major part of the manufacturing, export and installment of stone items in Bulgaria during the period 1992 - 1998.

  • Object of business of the company - manufacturing and installment of pavements, lining and other items made of natural stones. The company produces and installs standard marble and granite slabs and specific exterior and interior items: inside and outside window sills, counter slabs, bar boards, tables, steps, wall decorations, solid elements: ledges, banisters, friezes, columns etc.
  • The company processes items and raw materials from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Turkey, China, Egypt, India, the Community of the Independent States - total of 80 kinds of marble, granite and limestone.
  • BULMARMA PLC has on disposal cosmetics and technical means for cleaning, polishing, sealing, crystallization and hydrophobization of stone pavements and lining.
  • BULMARMA PLC prepares the work projects and specifications for the sites assigned, using its own software and program products.
  • Destinations to which the company exports its materials and products:
       » Germany
       » Russia
       » Poland
       » Greece
       » Slovakia
       » Macedonia

  • The Company employs engineers and technicians, specialists and workers experienced in laying pavements and facing of large and important construction sites and buildings.

  • Industrial facility - the company owns a factory in Pernik, the size of 12000 sq.m., equipped with modern machines with electronic operation for the manufacturing and processing of real stone products.

  • BULMARMA PLC disposes of its own licensed international transportation means.